the semi-bi-monthly-quarterly update:

i changed jobs.  not because i didn’t like working with at-risk kids, but because the emotional wear on my body became so heavy that i needed to do something else to take care of myself.  it was an extremely difficult full time job, considering the vicarious trauma and physical toll it took on me.  it took me a long time to be ok with leaving, but ultimately i knew that it was the right thing to do.

now i’m working with residents at an assisted living community, specifically with memory impaired adults – early stages of alzeimers and parkinsons.  such a different type of work as you can imagine, but also so similar to working with young children (therapeutically).  there is actually a chart showing the peak of the human brain and it’s correlation of aging.  the older you become, the closer to infancy your brain becomes again.  fascinating stuff.  i like the pace and the work — still figuring out lot’s of things, but getting by.  the building is only a couple miles from my apartment – biking distance! 

secondly, it is almost springgg!!  meaning… i’ve been shaking the mud off the hiking boots, putting together a list of all my potential trails, buying seeds for an herb garden (which will be interesting, seeing how i killed the only plant i owned this winter), packing away the flannel sheets.  i am ready.  spring is such a glorious thing.  i’ll miss playing stickball on campus this year – the staple spring activity with alpha.  but oh man, i can’t wait to go backpacking.

otherwise, life is just going right along.  i’ll be putting up pictures as they come.  here’s a couple from February.


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