what is this??

I looked out this morning to a BLANKET of snow on the ground!  Not only that, but those huge lumpy flakes were still coming down in a sea of white.  In a way, I guess it marked the start of another season that was, for me at least, kind of exciting. 

That, however, is not what the outrage is about.  Oh no.  I turned the radio on to catch the weather, and the song that was playing was “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”!!!  What is this??  Need I remind Cozi 101.5 or whatever station was on, it is NOVEMBER 14 today! 

Does anybody else live by the cardinal rule of NO Christmasy things until the day after Thanksgiving?  I always thought that was a fact of life – in the list of things you just don’t do, like waking a sleeping baby, or drinking that ‘special’ chinese tea away from a bathroom, or wearing stilettos (there was no 2nd part to that last one)..

Why?  because it’s Christmas, and when it’s stretched out, it loses some of it’s meaningfulness.  And let’s face it – one can only withstand Celine Dion’s overplayed version of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” for so long.  And the Chipmunks for that matter. 

So there’s my little protest to the craziness that is starting already.  Just because Wal-Mart is doing it with their commercialism shenanigans doesn’t mean everyone has to do it.



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8 responses to “what is this??

  1. “Does anybody else live by the cardinal rule of NO Christmasy things until the day after Thanksgiving?”


    I thought it was a given, too. It just seems unnatural to do it so early. I too have stopped dead in my tracks in Wal-Mart – on the FIRST of November – because they were blasting Christmas music through their radio speakers. (On that particular day, it was like, “Come ON, we JUST had Halloween YESTERDAY!”)

    My family has always waited until the weekend after Thanksgiving to put up our Christmas tree and decorations. I can’t see myself doing it any other way – well, certainly not earlier than that.

    Fall is such a fleeting feeling…the trees only keep their beautiful orange and red and yellow leaves for a couple of weeks, and then all of a sudden, they are gone. I love fall, and I always wish it were just slightly longer. Everyone in this world seems to just RUSH forward to the next big thing on their calendars, without really seeming to take some time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the place they’re at. Myself included…sigh. But Christmas is one thing that is non-negotiable for me. I like it, but I can only take about a month’s worth of it, too. Lol!

    Ahh, ’tis the season of commercialism!

  2. Oh, I am fighting it as best as possible. Tom and I went to Outdoor World the other day and it was all decked out with “Christmasy” things and people were wearing santa hats.

    Santa Hats!

    At Outdoor World!

    What is the world coming too?

    Can I just have my yummy vittles at Thanksgiving first? Can I just give thanks for that before I give thanks for Christmas?

    Ok, done with my rant. 😉


  3. i’m not gonna lie… i have christmas lights hanging in my apartment. Which… is interesting because i used to be one of the biggest protestors of the early christmas game. But, when you’re in a country where pilgrims are less then present, i guess it gives you permission to celebrate christmas earlier then most.

    Even though i used to be all about waiting… i even made people turn their music off… i’ve been enjoying this early christmas thing here. I always felt like i missed christmas at grace since we were busy with finals and everything else… it’s been nice to think about it early and actually get in the christmas spirit.

    Anyway, just thought i’d throw that out there.. i hope things are going well with your job! maybe we can talk soon?


  4. Melody

    Oh the hollidays.. 🙂 I talked to my Grandma the other day and mentioned that I had a friend living in the Denver area that may join us over Christmas sometime and she stated something to the effect of, “Well, shoot, if she doesn’t mind being a part of our crazy family, we’d love to have her.” And then she got a little upset at the idea that someone may be lonely/have to spend a holliday without a propper feast of food and hugs. lol. 🙂 So…. just wanted to let you know you are very welcome whenever you can make it. Can’t wait to see you and hang out again!

  5. Richard Dearstyne

    I totally agree!

  6. kristine

    its not celine dion its mariah carey.

  7. Melody

    I’m worried. It’s been a month and you haven’t updated this thing. You are still alive right? You haven’t gotten lost in an avalanch or eaten by a bear right? Just checking. Can’t wait to see you soon!

  8. bur.

    i here there are amazing mountains to climb in the philippines… i mean… i’m just sayin’

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