i heart visitors

alllrighty –

a little update on this last weekend and a shoutout to my bro Caleb — thanks for visiting me!!  it was SO much fun having him come for a couple days.  Several higlights include:

Awesome weather while we walked around the city at night and a couple parks

An amazing hike all day Saturday up St. Mary’s Glacier, then summiting St. James Peak.  Wind gusts easily topped 70 mph, which means we got really good at droppin like it’s hot at a seconds notice before we were literally blown off a ridge.  Snow was blowing up with the wind, and temperatures below freezing, but overall, awesome weather for it!  It proved to be more of a challenge than i was anticipating (basically, i think i got a big head trying to act like i was acclimated to this elevation already, which didn’t last long.)

Hitting up some breweries that i’ve been wanting to try out – they superceded my expectations.  Colorado cleans out with the micro brews.  for rizzle.

Overall, I just had a great time hangin out with my brother, catching up, sharing some pictures…you know, the usual.

Since I’m working tonight, I’ve been reminiscing about the sweet Halloween costumes that have been done in the past, and quite impressed with the creativity that our family efforts have come up with.  I have been: a totally ripped sailor, a bag of leaves, barrel of toxic waste, 1 of the 3 amigos, a pyromaniac… others have included all of the wizard of oz cast, all of the Charlie & Chocolate Factory cast, Cher, shampoo and conditioner, grover, lion, tiger, coke vs. pepsi, and MANY more (remember these were all home made from stuff just lying around – Mom – you are the costume making Queen of everything).  What else have we done?  Can you guys remember? 

I will try to upload some pictures of the hike Caleb, Rick and I took last weekend soon.  Hopefully, they’ll give you more of an idea of how cold and windy it was at the summit, and also how beautiful the weather was.


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One response to “i heart visitors

  1. I like that you’re blogging again. 🙂 I will most definitely be reading you here whenever you post. There are a number of blogs that I check every day, and I’m glad to add yours to my list. You also have a really wonderful style of writing – very humorous, down-to-earth, and readable.

    Sorry mine is friends only, but I had to do it that way because of that French stalker psycho girl that I surely must have told you about. But you could also just get an lj account to read me, if you’re really that interested. Or we can just keep in touch other ways. 🙂

    Miss you, but I’m glad you called tonight. It was quite a pleasant surprise. Much love,


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