i feel: official

i now have my colorado license!


feeling: official

working: at Tennyson Center for Kids

watching: Planet Earth (if you haven’t seen them, you need to!)

reading: “Snow” by Orhan Pamuk

making: Chicken Tortilla Soup, nice and spicy

listening to: the latest Over the Rhine cd “Trumpet Child”

Today i discovered the greatest little market with SO much fresh produce and good food that i went a little crazy. i bought this gigantic squash just becuase it looked so amazingly intriguing. i think it’s called a Kobacha or Turban Squash, and i have no idea what i’m going to make with it. Any ideas?? Keba – you are my Farmers Market Kindred Spirit – i need some creativity here.

Other updates ~ I started my new job at Tennyson working with troubled kids, and so far, it’s a really good fit for me. No doubt it will be extremely tolling the first few months at least, but worth it. Other than that, life has been really good. Autumn is fading, but i have collected so many leaves during my walks, that i think i’ll be set until the leaves change again next year. i’m modge-podging them into something, i’m don’t know what yet. If you’re dying to share any Fall recipes that include squash or pumpkin, they are most welcome!



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2 responses to “i feel: official

  1. The CO driver’s license is so much cooler than MD’s!

    Also, that IS a really cool squash. What did you end up making with it?

  2. sarah

    funny story… i tried making a soup with a pumpkin recipe, but put a whole ginger root in it…
    needless to say, the soup is mighty gingery. meaning, not very good.

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