a virtual tour of the denver front

i'm saying, "come on along for the tour" haha     So, to give you some incentive to come visit in Denver, I’ve decided to put together a little tour of everyday life around town and in the surrounding areas.  This picture is on top of Mount Bierstadt; just picture me telling you, “Come on over! The weather is fine..”   

This, of course, is for the ambitious mountain hikers, who want to come for the beatiful and well earned panoramas at the top of any mountain around.


Moving on. 

Some pictures of the Fall hikes around here:

This is a picture of the Aspens turning a breathtaking gold too overwhelming to take in. 


Above is a shot of trees: their leaves an awesome contrast with the deep blue sky.  It’s very different from Fall on the East Coast, but equally impressive.  The whole hike reminded me of the Over The Rhine song “Drunkards Prayer” about sweet intoxication, because the amount of trees just gave off an energy that was, like I said above, overwhelming. 

Now for some shots of the city of Denver, and my apartment complex.

These ushers in the purple shirts at the Rockies game meant business.  I did not want to mess with them… 




I like walking to the market with my “Go Green” bag.



Last but not least is my warm and amiable next door neighbor, Sylvia.  We talk politics, psychology, and religion.  She still has her New York accent, and I just love it.  And as you can see from the doormat, you are always welcome =) 

There you have it.  I am soaking up the season here and still hiking just about every weekend.  Last week, Kenosha Pass and The Colorado Trail.  This weekend Idaho Springs on a random trailhead to see the changing leaves.  I feel extremely blessed right now to have been able to move here and be enjoying it so much.  This weekend was like therapy to me – just getting out in nature and breathing in the clean air.. 

And now, I’m going to go trail running with the daylight that’s left, so Goodbye! 

*If you want to see the pictures bigger, go to the flickr page, or just click on them.


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