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it’s that time again…

and it might be a long one.  it’s been quite a while.  firstly, colorado is a little piece of heaven.  i love love love it.  i’ve gone hiking every weekend – this weekend was Mt. Beirstadt – a 14er.  it was tough, being a 14er, but a fun climb.  and an incredible view. 

this last week was the Democratic National Convention, and i got to help put together emergency first aid kits for developing countries with World Vision & the One Campaign in association with the DNC.  it was quite the experience, with hundreds there from different places, all coming to volunteer to bring awareness to the global aids issue.   

then there was the excitement downtown.  protestors protesting anything you can possibly imagine.  tons of interesting people walking around, playing music, asking for directions.  i couldn’t get tickets to hear Obama speak – way too hard, but i could hear the fireworks as i was watching him on tv..

before last week:  a little rock climbing, a few hiking excursions by myself, my friend Peter was here for his training – i had a lot of fun showing him around and finding new places downtown. 

currently working temporarily for a photography company until i can find a job in my field.  and soaking up the denver life.  the pictures are up, so you can check out the beautiful places i’ve been – let me know when you decide you want to visit (or move here).


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  1. So cool that you made Aids Care Giver Kits for WV. We’ve done it a few times and it is a tangible way to actually DO something while sharing the need with others. I’m impressed with the DNC for hosting…and sad you didn’t get to hear Obama in person. Live it up Sarah!

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