i thought you’d all get a kick out of this.  in the last week, names i’ve been called:

shara, sally, sela, “sports lady,” sister (sistah), mzungu, momma, america, brittany spears, baby, madonna, namuddu, bury, and sarah on occasion.

 is it really December?? we’ve had some of our hottest days here so far in the last couple of weeks (the hottest on Thanksgiving day).  So, November 22nd “resembled” Thanksgiving..  about 60-70 ex-pats got together (so in that respect it did remind me of being home with family – haha!).  we had chicken, matooke, which is a starchy banana mash, potatoes, some veggies, etc… what i really really wanted was it to be so cold i had to put on a huge comfy sweater and eat pumpkin pie (with a little whipped cream).  but i can’t complain.  in fact, this is what i have to be grateful for this season:

my amazing family – including an older brother who visited me in Uganda!

technology (hooray for internet and phone cards)


6 cent mangos

SWEET packages from sweet people

running water

3 meals every day

random Christmas songs from the 90’s on the radio every now and then

New York Kitchen – the mecca of American restaurants here with amazingly familiar tasting food thanks to Yam, the owner.  2 words: bottomless coffee.

my Nikon D40

 last time i posted, i realized that i never really explained the picture thing.  so for the more technologically challenged among you.. to see pictures, all you have to do is click on one of the images to the right and it will bring you to my flickr page.  there, you can go to any album or photo and comment.  (actually, you might need to be a user to comment).  so now that i’m almost finished here, you know =)

hope the holidays were great.  next week i’m taking final exams – they used to count for 100% of the grade!  now it’s 50%, so they’re a big deal.  classes are challenging in the British lecture style, and there have been a lot of miscommunitcations with Ugandan classes, so i’m hoping for the best.


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