…and other Ugandanisms i’ve noticed so far:

  • Lugenglish is what i coined when Ugandans are speaking one language, then randomly switch without warning.  It happens all the time. 
  • “No one in Uganda is in a hurry unless they have a motor.”
  • General rule of thumb: everything takes about 3x as long here – food, lines, conversations, etc… (went to a restaurant in Kampala where our food took about 1:45 minutes just to come out.
  • There is always room for more… last week i took a taxi out of the city; it was a 14 passenger van.  there were 23 of us in it. 
  • People feed you SO MUCH food!                   
  • mud.  it’s a burnt orange, and it gets on/in/under everything.  



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