Hello, Uganda!

128 malaria pills later…i’m ready to go! 

 i leave in 4 days (and counting).  for anyone who wants to know, the flight takes off from Dulles International Airport at 6pm.  Royal Dutch Airlines connects in Amsterdam, then arrives at Entebbe at 8:15pm.

i’ll do my best to keep the blogs updated, but no promises considering that apparantly Uganda shares electricity with part of Kenya.  thanks to everyone for your support, and i’ll see you in 4 months =)

 Mweraba, okweijanjaba.  Goodbye, and take care.




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10 responses to “Hello, Uganda!

  1. Tammie

    Good Luck, Sarah! I’ll be praying for you and watching your blog for exciting updates!

  2. I’m sooo excited for you! (can you fit me in your suitcase?:) I’ll be praying for you! Don’t forget to come back…

  3. friend…
    i am so excited about this!
    i appreciate you!

  4. Debby Leach

    All the best to you…be safe, write when you can and remember you have lots of friends in Maryland who love you and are praying for you.

    Keep smiling!


  5. Michael

    Good luck, change the world.

  6. Jeremy

    Hey! How come I have to go to the 4th page before I see a picture of your brother Jer? My daughter has about 18pics!!! I will send you some recent ones so you can update accordingly. I am praying for you sis.


  7. sarah

    she’s cuter.

  8. K.Northeimer

    bur… please don’t leave the country without saying goodbye… i hope you have a blast, i love you a whole lot, take sweet pictures, don’t get malaria, i’ll be up late….

  9. Bt.

    I want my own african name.

  10. Daddio

    Things are cool here…..(78 degrees that is, how bout there…ha). Well, we miss you already!! We trust that The Lord is taking good care of all you guys over there…(actually , that’s about all we can do when you think about it.) Hope you’re feeling well, eating well and keeping a journal of all the awesome things you are seeing.

    Remember to take a pictures of things over in Africa that we don’t have here…you know , like: hippo’s, rhino’s, grass huts, pit toilets…etc.

    Love ya! POP

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